Stud Welding Machine

Stud Welding Machine
Code: NOMARK-65

Welding range M 3 - M 8 
Weldable Materials Steel, Stainless Steel
Welding process "Contact"
Capacitance 66.000 µF
Charging 50-200 V  (DIAL DOWN)
Digital Voltmeter Yes
Duty cycle up till 10 studs/min
Energy 1.320 Ws
Mains supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 10 AT
Size (w x h x l) 165 x 250 x 380 mm
Weight 12,5 Kg
Welding range M 3 to M 8  (M 10)
Stud Length 6 to 40 mm
Pin Length 10 to 150 mm (with optional pins chuck)
  + 150 mm (with  ISO Kit)
Welding process Contact
Cables length 4 meters
Weight 0,7 Kg. (without cable)


Code: NOMARK-65 - Stud Welding Machine

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